Thoughts from the Word of God

On the 15th August 1898 a magazine was launched under the above name. It was not printed, but cyclostyled, and so hand-written. The editor was Percy W. Heward, and he was 16 years old!

This young brother co-operated with his father (J. Reeves Heward) and his mother (S.A. Heward), and one or two other brethren, in this venture. It was not a ‘denominational’ magazine, but rather what we could say was interdenominational, and with the first issue the following letter was included, which states the aim of the editor –

Dear Friend,

We feel it laid upon our hearts to issue a magazine to be published on the 15th of each month. The first number is before you, and trust you will find in it only that which is taught in the word of God. The title is chosen to stamp the periodical from the outset with the seal of Scripture….

The general effect of the magazine will we trust be an increasing love for the Lord, and a love that obeys. To this end we prayerfully sent it forth with grateful hearts for guidance in the production of the first number and with the assurance for the future (Should the Lord tarry) in the sufficiency of our God…

All profits from the magazine will be devoted to Lord’s work and all time spent on its production is gladly given without remuneration.

Yours in the Lord’s service,

Percy W. Heward.


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Thoughts from the Word of God

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“We must be aloof from Christendom, or we shall be aloof from Christ.”

Percy W. Heward


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